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Friday, May 08, 2009

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Alex and I stayed up late last night chatting about how much we love LOST. After watching the new episode (our weekly ritual),we were browsing through's photos from the set (and thinking being the photographer for Lost would be the best job ever). here are a couple of my favorites. 
the view from the beach camp.
jack is an alcoholic and grows a beard after getting off the island.
charlie hallucinating while going through heroin withdrawals.
henry gale (ben linus)'s happy face hot air balloon.
"are you sick?"... desmond crashes on the island.

time-travelin' bunnies!! 
I must say I adore the design for the dharma initiative. I love the tan jumpsuits, the generic dharma food labels and the robin's egg blue volkswagen buses! Check out the dharma logo for the swan station!
ok. only one more thing needed to be a part of my awesome Lost post. The orientation video.... YEAH!

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