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Sunday, May 31, 2009

what the world eats.

I first encountered these photos by Peter Menzel in my environmental policy class with Robert Jessen. they show homes around the world and what families eat in one week. the extreme contrast in the amount of food people from different areas consume is astonishing. it's also insane to see how much waste different cultures generate. most of all, these photos are just stunning. and I love the arrangement of the food.
see the rest of the photos @ TIME.COM

money money money money

i returned from canada this week. on the trip, we kept commenting on how colorful and lovely the canadian currency is. here is another bill i admire.... designed by mark brooks from deviantART

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

view from the top of the hill

animal collective playing the main stage at sasquatch music festival, the gorge amphitheater, washington. saturday, may 23, 2009.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

l'art du bijou

look at this beautiful french ad for jewel cutting from 1983. J'aime! et j'aime ma petit chien s'appelle Bijou aussi! ruff!

Monday, May 18, 2009

hayes architecture • interiors

my best friend darcy drove through santa fe for only 24 hours last night. She is studying interior design and is on her way to phoenix for the summer to do an internship at hayes architecture and interiors. Their site is really amazing and I am really proud of her for getting the internship. have a look.

amazin anna minzer

look it! my neighbor, Anna recently took these lovely photos for an art show she is in at meow wolf. I was one of her domels (i am not quite a model) and car yarn-wrapping assistant. it is kind of freaky how similar james and I look in these photos. can you tell us apart?

i strongly encourage everyone to go to the show and see Anna's installation in its entirety!

Friday, June 19th @ 5PM
Meow Wolf (1800 Second Street, Santa Fe, NM)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

goodbye college of santa fe

today i watched the commencement of the last class to ever graduate from CSF. it is without a doubt the end of an era. 


silhouette masterpiece theatre

check out this site -
these are so incredible. I love them way too much.

Friday, May 15, 2009

as you can see

a collage i made a while back. rawson cut out the rainbows from a santa fe tourism magazine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

i heart unity

My Mom was recently elected as vice-chair of the Tulsa County Democratic Party. 
Congrats Mom! 
Here are lapel buttons I designed for her and her running mates. They ran under the slogan "Unity Campaign". Although the blue version was rejected, I liked it the best.

fleeing santa fe

This post is in honor of Herbert leaving Santa Fe for good. I love you herb! i will miss you too much! i know we will be reunited someday! 
p.s. Herb's awesome pharaoh tee was designed and printed my me! (herb colored the eyes silver.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

the final frame

This morning I helped Rawson make the intro for his documentary "In Search of Water". Everyone should go check out the DOC show.... after all it's the last one, since the school won't exist next year. 

Opening: Thursday, May 14th - 5-7PM 
Presentations: Friday, May 15th - 6-8PM
Tipton Hall
College of Santa Fe

Friday, May 08, 2009

4 8 15 16 23 42

Alex and I stayed up late last night chatting about how much we love LOST. After watching the new episode (our weekly ritual),we were browsing through's photos from the set (and thinking being the photographer for Lost would be the best job ever). here are a couple of my favorites. 
the view from the beach camp.
jack is an alcoholic and grows a beard after getting off the island.
charlie hallucinating while going through heroin withdrawals.
henry gale (ben linus)'s happy face hot air balloon.
"are you sick?"... desmond crashes on the island.

time-travelin' bunnies!! 
I must say I adore the design for the dharma initiative. I love the tan jumpsuits, the generic dharma food labels and the robin's egg blue volkswagen buses! Check out the dharma logo for the swan station!
ok. only one more thing needed to be a part of my awesome Lost post. The orientation video.... YEAH!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

in search of water

today at work I scanned a few frames from an old film strip that Rawson inherited. He may be using some of the images in his documentary "In Search of Water". They are so retro, I had to share. The info on the film container is EdMediaTec, Inc. The Three States of Water. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18703. enjoy!

getting giddy

I have been listening to this Passion Pit song a ton & I can't wait to see them at SASQUATCH! ah! its so soon. Enjoy this stop-motion video to passion pit's song sleepyhead. I know I feel this way almost every morning.

party in benildus

Can't forget the experimental painting opening night photos. Everyone was part of the installation by wearing the shirts I made (except reid, what an ass).  We took over the entryway, drank free wine and listened to records (martin denny - a taste of honey, spoon - ga ga ga ga ga, enoch light & the light brigade -discotheque: volume 2, the unicorns - who will cut out hair when we're dead & xiu xiu - the air force.) Not many people noticed but I even replaced the light switch plate. Seems like yesterday.  I also included the flyer I designed for the show. 


it's been one year since I completed the "immortalized" installation. It is wild how so many of the participants in the project have scattered. I am really cherishing all of my College of Santa Fe memories (mainly since the school is closing). I think for the anniversary I should make "1 Year Anniversary, Limited Edition T-shirts"...schnice! i have a project for this weekend (need to buy gold paint). so cheers to the memories...

In this work I explored the concept of how people are immortalized and questioned the idea of status by placing images of my close friends in ornate gold frames. In each photograph the subjects are bearing an emblem of their own face, cut into a stencil and spray-painted on their shirts. This was a highly process-oriented project where I created eighteen hand cut stencils of my friends, produced t-shirts for them to wear and had them pose for photographs, in the style of early twentieth-century portraits.

Through this application of portraits, I am turning people I know into icons by crafting a stencil of them and putting their photographs in gold frames, which usually depict or contain an image of someone of noteworthy status. In addition, this piece illustrates a contrast between antique and modern as well as “high” art and what is usually considered “low” or street art. 

Photographs by Rawson Adams


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