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Thursday, May 07, 2009


it's been one year since I completed the "immortalized" installation. It is wild how so many of the participants in the project have scattered. I am really cherishing all of my College of Santa Fe memories (mainly since the school is closing). I think for the anniversary I should make "1 Year Anniversary, Limited Edition T-shirts"...schnice! i have a project for this weekend (need to buy gold paint). so cheers to the memories...

In this work I explored the concept of how people are immortalized and questioned the idea of status by placing images of my close friends in ornate gold frames. In each photograph the subjects are bearing an emblem of their own face, cut into a stencil and spray-painted on their shirts. This was a highly process-oriented project where I created eighteen hand cut stencils of my friends, produced t-shirts for them to wear and had them pose for photographs, in the style of early twentieth-century portraits.

Through this application of portraits, I am turning people I know into icons by crafting a stencil of them and putting their photographs in gold frames, which usually depict or contain an image of someone of noteworthy status. In addition, this piece illustrates a contrast between antique and modern as well as “high” art and what is usually considered “low” or street art. 

Photographs by Rawson Adams

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