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Monday, April 25, 2011


I just ordered the book Undecorate from by favorite bookstore Hennessey+Ingalls at Space1520. This book is so lovely, I adore the light and airy rooms. That is one thing I like about having large windows in our living room. 

I love these trees painted on the walls. They remind me of my good friend Darla's house who recently passed away. She used to give me art lessons and hang out with me when my mom was working. She painted cracks in her walls with vines growing out, and fake bookcases on her cabinets. This painting looks so much like the one in her dining room.
I love this room so much. It is so bare and clean, yet looks cozy and lived in.

These chairs remind me of Chairy, my orange chair that it got at the flea market in Tulsa for $25. This was one of the first pieces of furniture I bought for myself. It  stayed in my apartment all through college. And she now lives with some good friends.
Yes it is named after Pee Wee Herman's chair.

These floors are great. I currently have fake hardwood floors. Wood is wonderful. It looks pretty, smells nice. It feels cool and warm at the same time. I have been thinking of ditching life in LA and moving to the country quite a lot recently. This photo is making a good argument for a log cabin.

 Can't wait to get my book and see more!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Griffith Park Pic Nic

My buddies, Melissa and Peter invited us on a picnic last Saturday. We decided to go to Griffith Park and enjoy our lunch in the abandoned Los Angeles Zoo. I had been there before, so I was excited to show some of my friends. It is kind of a creepy place, rusty bars, broken fences, and dark enclosures covered in graffiti. You can even lock yourself (or your dog) into the cages. But the open field (I think it may have been a lion pit) was actually a very nice place for our picnic. 

Melissa made incredible food, Turkey, Apple and Cheddar sandwiches, also Salmon and Cucumber! Sooo good. We also had lemonade and chocolate chip cookies! Yum!
Melissa's adorable parasol blanket side.

It wouldn't be a picnic without the dog. Here is Megan getting tangled up with Bijou.

She then of course came to attack our picnic. She has no manners!
then a tiny silk worm appeared from above to join us.

Walking back to the car we discovered this large and spiny pod. Since we are such a curious species we just had to cut it open. It's one of the coolest plants I have found in Griffith Park. So if you have never hiked up to the old LA Zoo, it is definitely worth the trip.

Monday, April 04, 2011

In the Dog House

Bill found some really sturdy poster boards in the dumpster recently and we have been discussing a use for them. One idea is to build a dog house for Bijou. I've been researching some of the coolest pet dens and found most of them on Here are some of the best..

Click the photos to learn more about these crazy cool dog houses.

Sunday, April 03, 2011


I got a few more succulent specimens to add to the collection. They really make me smile every time I 
look at them. 

............ I planted this tiny one in a vintage tea cup that I had been so afraid to break that I never used it. Now it has a very happy home by the window.

............ I loved this little aloe plant for it's awesome pink spines..

............ My new favorite. I love his fuzziness and his really bad-ass name.


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